A Scandinavian mid-century themed home

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hello, I hope you had a fantastic weekend?! I'm recovering from my friends beautiful wedding up in the forest in Dalarna, Sweden. I've known the bride since I was 5 and they turned up to the ceremony in a rowing boat -so romantic! I was a mess!! Anyway. It's therefore apt that I go back into the past for today's post. This home is teeming with Scandinavian mid-century teak furniture and design classics. What a wonderful throw back in time, fantastic!


Modern Findings via Feel Inspired

Are you a fan of Scandinavian mid-century? I have a few lovely pieces but like to mix and match them in with contemporary pieces too. I do admire this home though - and how fab is that cactus planter?! And there's those lovely cats....

For another twist on mid-century check out this home of a Swedish clothes designer I posted last week. 

PS  For mid-century furniture Lauritz is always a great bet. Try Design Collectors for many of the fab designer items you see in the home (15% off with code MYSCAN). 

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