Why Do Women Need Space in the Bathroom

Saturday, January 28, 2012





Women generally do not find bathrooms up to their requirement and always have a complaint with their size. Either the bathrooms are too small with no space to stand up and stretch properly or it is too large for you to maintain besides being a waste of space.

Why do women need space in the bathroom if you ask, you will get an answer which you had probably never thought of. Women need space to keep all their personal grooming stuff including different makeup kits, cosmetics as well as hair styling products and accessories. They have some old stuff, some new stuff and many samples which tend to occupy a lot of space.

The best way for storing so many products would be to get some storage containers and boxes which are transparent and can accommodate all of the small tubes and boxes of all shapes separately. It is easier to stack the boxes away.

First segregate all the items like lipstick tubes, eye shadow boxes and other bottles etc. Buy as many containers as required so that you are able to store all of these in each box separately without mixing them up. Whenever you want to pull out a particular tube you will find it easy to retrieve without having to search.

You will need some vertical storage boxes as well as horizontal ones to pack different kings of stuff. Things like hair brushes and other bottles can be neatly packed in a vertical storage. If the container contains a handle, then it is easier to transport the entire container from one place to another as required.

For all of your long items like brushes, combs and other accessories, you might want to buy a shoe box type of container so that all things can fit in comfortably without getting spoilt.

For those items that you are using currently like soap, deo spray, lotions etc you would need to buy an open container or a nice vase type of open bin so that you can store them and place them next to the sink. This way it will all be in one place and at the same time you will get easy access to it.

So now you can neatly tidy up your bathroom and stack away all your makeup things for easy retrieval. This is not all, you can also stack a couple of boxes next to your tub and store all you bath salts, loofahs as well as the scented oils etc.

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