20 Laundry room Ideas - Place to clean clothes

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Laundry room is the place where all the cloths are put for washing, drying and in the end pressing. So it needs to deal with all type of cloths and must be able to handle them properly. The laundry room may vary from size of house to number of people living in it. In a big house where large numbers of people are living there is a need of a bug laundry room, where this laundry room is even bigger in hotels and rest areas. What are the essential things in the laundry room? 20 Laundry room ideas are given below:
The most obvious is the washing machine, which is to be used in washing the cloths, secondly the proper inlet and outlet of water, which will allow the proper drainage of water into the machine and used water out of the machine, thirdly the spinner, or the dryer, which spins the cloths and dry them up. Fourthly an iron and an iron stand, which may be used in order to press the cloths. Fifth is the closet in which you are supposed to store the clean and press cloths, before sending them to the individual closet. With all above laundry room is ready. 

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